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Ms. Mi Na - Senior Partner
Ms. Mina has spent the last 25 years in the U.K., engaging in high-level exchanges between China, the UK and other countries. She has actively engaged in industries such as professional sports, culture, art, media, finance, real estate, petroleum energy, manufactured goods and international trade to name a few
Mr. Atanas Pashaliev - Senior Partner & President Of Infrastructure
Mr. Atanas Pashaliev is a Chairman of the Renewable energy Sources Cluster in Bulgaria and has a long experience in the renewable energy sources sector, as well as in the industrial and residential construction.
Abdallah K. Khawaldeh - Senior Partner & Advisory Board
Mr. Abdallah K. Khawaldeh was Recognised as a dynamic leader with highly developed organisational skills. Obtains an in depth knowledge in the fields of Finance, Economics, Accounting & International Business .Highly effective performance under pressure
Mrs Sun Shu Lan - Director & Senior Partner
Mrs Sun from 2000-2007 Beijing MSG Clothing Company Limited General Manager In charge of daily management; 2008 till now Beijing MSG Sci & Tech Development Co., Ltd Presid Willing to learn and progress. Ability to work independently, under pressure and face challenges. Good communication skill.
Mr. Alan Ong
Mr. Alan Ong is the adviser to the Fund. He holds a bachelor of laws from The London School of Economics and Political Science and master of business administration which was jointly awarded by the University of Wales and the University of Manchester
RICHARD A. NIXON - Advisory Board ( Director & Senior Partner )
Accomplished, results-oriented and well-rounded Diplomat and Executive with expertise directing domestic and global operations, marketing, and business development initiatives; skilled at leveraging technology to realize strong and sustainable corporate growth.
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