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As formerly announced in the past year, China is embarking on its One Belt and One Road, financial policy. This initiative envisions deploying over one trillion dollars into international projects around the world. In anticipation of this massive investment into the international market, Touchstone Capital Group has formulated an all-encompassing strategy to help safely deploy these monies with a significant amount of security attached. Hence Touchstone Insurance Brokerage Limited was created.

Touchstone Insurance Brokerage Limited (TIBL), a based insurance brokerage was specifically formed to search out the best possible solutions for the challenges faced by China's State Owned Enterprises, Including Engineering Procurement Contractors (EPCs), banks, and other financial entities that wish to participate in China's ever increasing foray into worldwide development.
Touchstone Capital Group, formed over 10 years ago, is an international company comprised of highly skilled individuals who bring many decades of expertise in the areas of international finance, legal and accounting, investment banking, asset management, property development, merger and acquisitions, high technology, tourism initiatives, insurance concerns and financial advisory. Working together these individuals offer a one-stop solution to China's EPCs and financial institutions wishing to participate in the global marketplace.

Safety of capital being of utmost concern, TIBL was formed to search out solutions for the challenges faced by large scale projects needing significant insurance coverages to ensure successful completion of each and every project and to cover any and all possible contingencies that may be faced during this process.

TIBL entered into a joint venture agreement with International insurance partners such as  Willis Towers Watson, the second largest brokerage company in the world. With over 39 thousand employees covering the globe, Willis offers the ultimate in products and services for the insurance needs of their clients. From inception of a project to completion, the needs of each individual project are carefully analysed and the appropriate solutions are created and then implemented to ensure the safety and security of all parties concerned. The products they have to offer through their relationships with the top tier providers around the world are extremely comprehensive. Their ability to craft unique solutions for the challenges in today's insurance environment are unparalleled.

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