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Touchstone OBOR Consortium Group  consists of 30 members which including 15 China leading State Owned Enterprises and 15 international firms such as insurance , fund , fund managers , banks and leading industries players . Touchtone Financial  Group Holdings Limited as the Touchstone Capital Consortium Group is leading manager to lead all of the consortium partners group to make the project investment , construction , capital market such as IPO, Bond insurance , fund launch. Under this consortium which we have more than 100 Billion USD projects which have been structured and guaranteed , under such conditions which we launch the 100 Billion USD One Belt One Road Fund to leverage all partners strength to expand One Belt One Road ( ¡°OBOR¡±)  related mutual business . China SOES will be acted and project operation manager and construction to make sure project can be generate satisfied cash flow .

One Belt One Road Policy Brief - China has set a target to become one of the world¡¯s biggest cross-border investors by the end of this decade, with global offshore assets tripling from U.S.$6.4 trillion in 2016 to nearly U.S.$20 trillion by 2020. While much of the total will be in the form of foreign exchange reserves and portfolio investment, a growing share will come from direct Chinese investment in developed western countries, according to a joint report by the economic research firm Rhodium Group and the Berlin-based Mercator Institute for China Studies. ¡°One Belt, One Road¡± (OBOR) is an initiative pursued by the Chinese government to encourage Chinese firms to look abroad in search of new markets and investments opportunities. Support comes from the highest levels of government, which has backed the policy with substantial firepower including a U.S.$50 billion fund, and Chinese president Xi Jinping has made the policy a centrepiece of both his foreign policy and domestic economic strategy.

Details released so far by China¡¯s official media outlets show the OBOR as including (i) a planned network of overland road and rail routes, oil and natural gas pipelines, and other infrastructure projects that will stretch from Xi¡¯an in central China, through Central Asia, and ultimately reach as far as Moscow, and Western Europe and (ii) a maritime network of planned port and other coastal infrastructure projects from South and Southeast Asia to East Africa and the northern Mediterranean Sea. However, new plans released by China¡¯s top economic planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce highlight that the scope of OBOR will extend far beyond infrastructure projects. The OBOR initiative will include efforts to promote greater financial integration and use of the Renminbi by foreign countries, create an ¡°Information Silk Road¡± linking regional information and communications technology networks, and lower barriers to cross-border trade and investment in the region.
Chinese SOEs have an important role to play in the OBOR policy in providing equity in certain projects requiring support, monitoring and management by the Chinese SOEs.

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