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Kenny Song - Chairman Board
Kenny has over 20 years of experience in the corporate management and investment advisory fields including the provision of advice in relation to financial products design, group restructuring, investment strategy, debt capital market structure, IPO structuring, and strategic planning, also he is very strong project risk management and legal structure design.
James Oury - Senior Partner & Compliance General
As an Equity Partner in Oury Clark Chartered Accountants, established in 1935, James founded in 1997 Oury Clark Solicitors, a central London law practice. James is a founding shareholder in Clareville Capital Partners LLP, a London-based hedge fund company established in November 1996. Clareville¡¯s Pegasus fund established in 1997 has over 200 investors and has been part of the MSCI Hedge Fund Index since July 2004.
Leonard Huan - Senior Partner & Risk Management General
Leonard is an attorney at law practicing in the United States of America, is well experienced in business development, project evaluation, market study, M&A due diligence and risk assessment.
Andrea - Advisory Board
Mr Andrea established AdviCorp in 1997. In addition to managing the firm he is in charge of its corporate finance and M&A advisory activities. From 1988 to 1997 he was an executive director with SBC Warburg in London with investment banking responsibility for Italy and Israel and was also a member of the board of directors of SBC Warburg Italia SIM S.p.A. During that time he advised on numerous high profile and innovative transactions including Italy¡¯s first securitisation.
Mr. Liu Wei Shen - Senior Partner & China General
1993£­2004Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China. (China Senior Accountant Training Centre)General Manager Beijing Yin QiReal Estate Development Co., Ltd.Chairman and General Manager Huaxin Training and Development Centre General Manager 2005-2014 Zhongcai International Accounting Training Centre Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhong caishenghua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Jamie Henderson - Senior Partner & Pacific Market COO
Jamie is the founder and is Executive Chairman of Transocean Group Pty Ltd and Transocean Securities Pty Ltd, an Australian Financial Securities Licensee.
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